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About Our Firm

About Us

For forty years Marguerite (Lily) Royer has been one of New York's steadiest and accomplished divorce lawyers, respected by peers and judges as a grounded and common sense practitioner. Lily understands and respects the intricacies of family relationships and aims to preserve those relationships rather than tear them apart. She recognizes the goal is to come to a reasonable resolution that enables all members of the family to move forward with their lives, while minimizing both the financial and emotional toll that inevitably results when families are in conflict. Lily has built her firm, Marguerite E. Royer, Esq., P.C., on these principles and while the aim is to reach an amicable resolution, she understands that sometimes litigation is unavoidable.

Throughout Lily’s forty  years of litigation experience, she has handled many high profile cases in the New York City, Brooklyn, Westchester and Rockland Courts.  Whatever your goals are, Lily and her team provide the capable and caring environment along with the skills and experience to accomplish them.

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