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Marital and

Family Law

Serving New York City and Westchester County

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Marital and Family Law matters involve a wide variety of legal issues that impact the lives of our clients and their families. Our experienced lawyers advise and counsel our clients, helping them to resolve these issues using creative solutions, zealous advocacy, and negotiating skills.

We handle all matters relating to family relationships, including divorce and separation, child custody and child support, spousal support and asset distribution, enforcement and modification, and relocation. We also handle prenuptial, postnuptial, living together and separation agreements. 


The end of a marriage can be one of the most difficult and confusing times in a person’s life.   Each family is different and every situation is unique.  We work closely with our clients to help tailor a strategy that helps them achieve their goals.

Our Services

Divorce & Separation

We provide individual attention and vigorous advocacy using experience and  strategy to achieve the goals our clients have set forth for themselves and their children.   


Mediation & Collaborative

We offer the option of addressing your needs through mediation or the practice of collaborative law, the goal of both being to reach a mutually agreeable settlement without going to court.


Prenuptial & Postnuptial

Sometimes a matter is solved with an agreement and we are able to negotiate, prepare and review all types of agreements. We also offer our clients guidance throughout the entire process to ensure their goals are achieved. 


About Royer Law

We are experienced and knowledgeable legal counselors dedicated to strong advocacy.  With years of experience in trial court, settlement negotiations, mediations and collaborative practice, we look to protect your assets by expertly negotiating a settlement or zealously litigating your case to a successful resolution.   If children are involved, we use our extensive experience resolving child custody and support issues in and out of court, keeping the well-being of your children in sharp focus.

Contact Us

Ready to get more information about your specific legal issues?  We have offices in New York City and Westchester.  Schedule a  meeting by calling our office or fill out the contact form and one of our lawyers will be in touch with you shortly.

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